Updates on the recovery effort in NYC from the Peoples Recovery Planning Committee

Statement from the Organizing Workshop of the Peoples Recovery Summit

To be effective in influencing the post-Sandy rebuilding, the various hubs and groups in Occupy Sandy should: Improve communication and coordination and find a way to discuss strategic questions and make d
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Hurricane Sandy: Top Down Relief

By Damien Crisp Because we can expect a compounding of disasters, systemic failures and predatory for-profit interventions in aftermaths during this era of environmental turmoil born as criminal embodiment
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Meet the Chef

On February 1,2 & 3rd hundreds will converge on the Church of St. Luke & St. Matthew. That means thousands of meals, and Suncere Shakur is up for the challenge. With the help of many other voluntee
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The Peoples Recovery Summit is completely free of charge. Please register by filling in your information below.

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Current Sponsors

  • Bailey’s Cafe
  • Church of St. Luke and St. Matthew
  • Coalition for Public Education
  • Episcopal Diocese of Long Island
  • Greenpeace
  • Interfaith Center of NY
  • Labor Network for Sustainability
  • NY Committee for Occupational Safety & Health
  • NYC Parents Union
  • Occupy Sandy
  • Occupy Faith
  • Occupy The Hood
  • Our Schools NYC
  • Paul Robeson Freedom School
  • People for Jelani
  • Square Foot Farms
  • The Peoples Network
  • US Uncut
  • Workers Justice Project


Summit Major Themes
  • Education

    How do we strengthen access to good public schools and support struggling schools post-Sandy?
  • Environment

    How do we rebuild more sustainably and avert ecological disaster?
  • Economics

    How do rebuild more equitably and support local and cooperatively-owned small businesses post-Sandy?
  • Organizing

    How do we effectively organize people-powered, grassroots relief networks before the next disaster hits?
  • Wellness

    How do we rebuild our communities more health-consciously?
How it Works

The 3-Day Summit features 5 themes that thread themselves through the weekend in panels, workshops, keynote and breakout sessions.

Friday begins with community breakfast and an opening ceremony followed by interactive, facilitated workshops.

Saturday develops further on the themes of Friday, diving deeper into the important community organizing work already underway.

Sunday concludes the workshops and features report-backs from thematic workgroups as well as the drafting of the Peoples Recovery Statement.

Each day concludes with a community dinner and concerts from social justice-minded artists!

Summit Schedule

(Schedule is tentative and subject to change.)
  • TimeProgram
    9amAssembly: breakfast / agenda for day
    10amOpening Speaker For Summit: Father Sniffen, Father Ballard from St. Luke and St. Matthew
    10 30amWorkshops:
    Michael Busch - Professor at City College and Editor of The Advocate at CUNY Grad Center
    Ken Gale
    Land and housing after Sandy
    Suzanne Biggans
    11 30amTrainings
    12 30pmCommunity Lunch
    Resource Circle
    Playback Theatre
    1 00pmWorkshops:
    Free University
    Sam Anderson
    Suzanne Biggan
    2 30pmExperience Share for Residents
    Facilitated by Bill Johnson, Resident of Staten Island
    3 30pmSpecial Workshop: Occupy Sandy - A reportback
    Samantha Corbin(Training - 520 Clinton)
    Dan Compitello (Coney Island Occupy Sandy Coordinator)
    Miles Rosenfeld (Breezy Point)
    Gene Wagner (Occupy the Storefront)
    4 30pmSpecial Workshop: Housing, Rob Robinson (Take Back the Land)
    5 30pmSpecial Workshop: Education
    Clarence Taylor, Professor Modern African American, Religion, Civil Rights, Baruch College
    Leonie Haimson, Class Size Matters
    Michael Busch, City College, CUNY Graduate Center's The Advocate
    7 00pmCommunity Dinner
    8 00pmEntertainment:
    Brooklyn Tech Steppers
    Open Mic
    Flow Boy Duce
  • TimeProgram
    9amAssembly: breakfast / agenda for day
    9 30amSpeech and Discussion: Jay Arena, Sandy & Post-Katrina
    10 30amWorkshops:
    Duncan Meisel - Pam Brown - Strike Debt
    Jackie DiSalvo & Jay Arena
    Miriam Rocek, Physicians for a National Health Program
    10 30amEmergency Coaching Response: Alina Bas,M.A., Excutive Coach and Life Coach
    12 00pmCommunity Lunch
    Resource Cirle (a): Robyn Anderson
    Resource Circle (b): Tim Kukucka
    1 00pmWorkshops:
    Economics: Sarah Burke, Chris Rude
    Organizing: Jordan Flaherty, Valery Jean
    NYCOSH,Health & Safety Rights for Work
    Neighborhood Development: Richard Kreidler
    Residential: How to organize a rent strike
    Mold Remediation: Heather - Occupy Sandy NJ
    Know your rights: Mutant Legal
    Legal: Yetta Kurland - Legal training for canvassing
    Self Care: Becky Wartell - Occupy Sandy
    2 30pmSpecial Workshop: Labor
    Eddie Kay, NYSNA
    Pat Kanie, LIUNA - Local 78
    Caraminita Mahr - 1199
    Keither Harrington - TWU
    Environmental Workshop:
    Tom Angotti
    Ken Gale
    Winnie Wong
    Andrew Faust
    3 30pmBreak
    4 00pmSpeech + Discussion: Chris Hedges
    5 00pmExperience share for residents:
    Facilitated by Bill Johnson, Resident of Staten Island
    Know Your Rights: Mutant Legal - Insurance, FEMA claims, and Tenant rights
    Harm Reducton: NYCOSH, Health and Safety for Volunteers
    Organizing: Eddie Kay, Salvatore Lopizzo (YANA)
    Tactical Media Training: Vlad - OWS Media / Global Revolution
    6 00pmSpecial workshop:
    Community organizing - Aria Doe
    Jelani Marshaiki
    Bill Johnson
    Eddie Kay
    7 00pmCommunity Dinner & Dessert Show: Melissa Gardiner Jazz Trio
    8 00pmEntertainment: Collective Flow Of Doug e Fresh
    Audio Bodies
    Twice Thou
    CF Constant Flow of IMMORTAL TECH
  • TimeProgram
    9 00amAssembly: breakfast / agenda for day
    9 30amExperience Share for Residents:
    Facilitated by Bill Johnson, Resident of Staten Island
    9 30amWorkshops:
    Winnie Wong - OWS Sustainabilty
    Elizabeth Bird - Good Jobs, NY
    Labor Organizing Committee
    Walker Korby - Naturalist, Educator, Survivalist
    "Peoples recovery" - Father Michael Sniffen, Church of St. Luke & St. Matthew
    12 00pmCommunity Lunch and Resource Circles
    Resource Circle (a): Robyn Anderson
    Resource Circle (b): Tim Kukucka
    1 00pmPeople's Recovery Summit Statement Workgroup:
    Report backs from previous days workshops; revise final drafts for the Peoples Recovery Statement
    2 30pmBreak
    3 00pmTowards A People's Recovery Summit Statement - each theme delivers their draft statement to the larger group
    5 00pmGeneral Assembly:
    Facilitated by Marina Sitrin and Justin Wedes
    7 00pmCommunity Dinner
    8 00pmEntertainment
    Kanaska Carter feat, Rio Grand
    Anthony Righteous